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- Young-sook Park
82 - 53 - 8142465

Robocity, Microcomuting

The 21st Century is the age of creative geniuses!

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MICROCOMPUTING CO.,LTD. is providing blended application robot education solution
in on/off linkage virtual reality for the training of creative talent with an experience in
future technology, trend and culture, and a blended knowledge in science, technology,
IT, art, mathematics, etc. Robots are produced with the expandable blocks and various
sensor board; the ubiquitous learning environment optimized for internet service through
a smartphone and an application with IoT service interface technology applied, and the
programming education in GUI and C-language environments are provided the environment
to learn about the robot is provided by introducing Digilogbook, which is a combination
of augmented reality 3D game, book and digital media.

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a digilog book - Artoy

3D AR GAME(education system)